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  1. 1. Evidence Base and Implementation search file icon
    • English
    17 June 2021   |  Dr Louise Caffrey, Eileen Munro, Mike Caslor, Terry Murphy Exploring the evidence about the impact of Signs of Safety on practice and on children, young people and their families.
  2. 2. You can't grow roses in concrete Part 2 search file icon
    • English
    31 March 2020   |  Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro   5 Most Popular Second report on the Signs of Safety English Innovation Project
  3. 3. You Can’t Grow Roses in Concrete search file icon
    • English
    15 December 2016   |  Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro, Terry Murphy   3 Most Popular A broad brush picture of what has happened, picking out key themes and illustrating the diversity of the implementations. It is structured as a list of key elements of the reforms, but attention is given to reporting on how successfully these elements must interact to produce the desired changes.
  4. 4. Response to the What Works Centre 2018 Review of the Signs of Safety search file icon
    • English
    17 December 2018   |  Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro, Terry Murphy The What Works Centre for children’s social care recently released a systematic review of the Signs of Safety (WWC 2018), a summary of which was published in Community Care on November 15. In this short paper, Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro and Terry Murphy offer a brief response to the review.