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  1. 51. Response to the What Works Centre 2018 Review of the Signs of Safety search file icon
    • English
    17 December 2018   |  Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro, Terry Murphy The What Works Centre for children’s social care recently released a systematic review of the Signs of Safety (WWC 2018), a summary of which was published in Community Care on November 15. In this short paper, Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro and Terry Murphy offer a brief response to the review.
  2. 52. The Role of Empathy in Brief Therapy search file icon
    • English
    11 January 1999   |  Andrew Turnell, Eve Lipchik This paper suggest firstly that brief therapy is enhanced, rather than diminished, by engaging with both empathy and affect, and, secondly, that the conception and practice of empathy can itself be enhanced by the rich tradition of skills and experience that brief therapy offers.
  3. 53. Beyond the first few sessions search file icon
    • English
    26 July 1994   |  Andrew Turnell, Larry Hopwood Practical suggestions for applying solution-focused principles in cases that appear not to be proceeding smoothly and how to terminate focused therapy sessions
  4. 54. An outline for second and subsequent sessions search file icon
    • English
    18 March 1994   |  Andrew Turnell, Larry Hopwood An outline for using the solution-focused model in second and subsequent sessions
  5. 55. A first session outline search file icon
    • English
    5 January 1994   |  Andrew Turnell, Larry Hopwood A basic outline for using the solution-focused model in the first session