Gathering Presentations

Being Creative With Families and Young People

Presented by Kevin Van Bedts and Denis Gorgon

04 Aug 2016

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Networks, Cartoons & Games – Being Creative With Families and Young People
VZW Sporen, Belgium, Kevin Van Bedts & Denis Gorgon

VZW Sporen always works with the whole family and focuses on every child within the family. The presentation shows good practice in cases from two of their units – De Pas en Traject and MFC Tract. Unit ‘de Pas’ works primarily with adolescent boys who stayed in the closed government institutions because of delinquent behavior. This presentation is about a case where the workers built a good partnership with the mother, how they involved her network and what it meant to her.

Unit ‘MFC Traject’ works with adolescent boys (12–20 years) and show how the workers in a case adjusted the Signs of Safety tools in order to talk with the children about difficult themes in the guidance.

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