Gathering Presentations

The Journey of Safety Planning

Presented by Susie Essex and Andrew Turnell

05 Sep 2016

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Safety planning is hard and scary work, both to do and to describe. There is no manual that tells families and professionals exactly what's needed to guarantee a vulnerable child will be safe.

In every situation, safety planning depends on quickly building relationships between the family and professionals where they can work together and wrestle with what safety will look like. Safety planning work demands courage because to be effective, professionals and family must be able to discuss the very worst possibilities of what may have or could happen and these conversations need to be lead with compassion, imagination and hope.

Susie describes the relationships that sustains effective safety planning as firm and hugely kind. Because safety planning is anxious business and child protection work is so time pressured there is always the tendency to avoid the relational work, duck hard issues, avoid difficult conversations and resort to standardised answers and set piece rules.

Drawing on two case examples, Susie and Andrew will explore the interconnection between the methods and relational foundation of effective safety planning. Susie and Andrew want to articulate safety planning as a journey not a product where creating an informed network, a Words and Pictures explanation and a Words and Pictures safety plan are seen as methods for building the depth of thinking and relationship in which children will be kept safe.


June 2019: Download updated with the Signs of Safety template.

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