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Creative ideas for safety planning using traditional Japanese culture

06 Nov 2018

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We often are allowed two or three hours for a basic training of the Signs of Safety Approach. So we had to be super creative for us to convey the critical part of the Signs of Safety Approach without putting any burden on the trainees.

We have Origami; a paper craft of a tiny book to show exemplars of questions to use in Appreciative Inquiry and a 3-D safety circle using small stones at hand.

Our traditional art of Bonsai, in which a universe is expressed in a tiny body, is obvious in each creation.

Live Feedback received from the room and around the world during this presentation

Kay from UK 2:19 pm

LEARNED: I just love how you have shown how to make this work relatable to visible Japanese culture!

Andrew Turnell from Australia 2:20 pm

LEARNED: People ask me, yes but is this S of S culturally appropriate? Noriko taught me the answer that people create cultural appropriateness - your completely Japanese spirit and dignity shines through

Ophelia from Sweden 2:22 pm

LEARNED: The humbleness that shines through the interview with the child.

Danielle from England 2:22 pm

LEARNED: The front door workshops sound so effective. I am impressed with how this has been led so effectively, but intrigued to know more and more and more, particularly it's impact longer term. Well done!

QUESTION: Please can we connect to share the learning in even more depth?!

Noah from USA 2:22 pm

LEARNED: LOVE the Three-stage acceleration engine! Such a great explanation to bring focus on the process! Empathy is the rocket fuel! Brilliant.

Jo from England 2:23 pm

LEARNED: Simple imagery but so much thought has gone into this. Love the connection to culture shows how it can be adapted

Jonny from Northern Ireland 2:27 pm

LEARNED: Love how Nariko uses tools that are engaging children in such a creative way..

Patrick from Australia 2:35 pm

LEARNED: such an aspiring woman and so passionate about keeping culture grounded in the work.

Shiona Lomas from England 2:35 pm

LEARNED: Build your practice. Great quote. 'Lead by Logic and not by Anxiety' I will be using this in my practice

Marie from Ireland 2:36 pm

LEARNED: Thank you for such a creative and visual presentation. Lots of ideas and new learning tools. Love it!

Frank from USA 2:36 pm

LEARNED: Arigato gozaimasu, Nariko!

Marion from Netherlands 2:37 pm

LEARNED: It IS rocket science!

Rene' from United States 2:39 pm

LEARNED: I love the creativity and hands on presentation!

Sherry from USA 2:42 pm

LEARNED: I said it in Japan and I'll say it again...Noriko, you have taught me more in 45 minutes than Andrew has in 11 years 🙂 A fire burns in you...thank you for sharing your spirit with us!

Yasu from Japan 2:45 pm

LEARNED: Great presentation, Noriko. 3D safety circle & AI miniature book are discovered by Noriko. These are richer SofS fields in Japan. I want to for world too.

Cindy from USA 2:46 pm

LEARNED: Noriko, Phenomenal presentation! Your passion & energy for the work comes through & is so alive in you! You are a gift to the practitioners & the families you serve! Huge honor to hear you present!

Ayano from Japan 3:06 pm

LEARNED: Wonderful presentation! I admire your passion, creativity and warmth.

Lavina from Ireland 3:15 pm

LEARNED: Amazing to see how people can make S of S work for their own cultures yet maintain the authenticity of the approach. Inspiring and energetic presentations so far!

QUESTION: I am wondering if there are ways of connecting with our Northern Irish neighbours to share a learning space going forward in the next few years?

Mike from Canada 3:23 pm

LEARNED: It's not a tool, it is a cultural teaching that shows us all a better way to live. Thank you Japan for offering the world a deeper way....


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