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It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

Working with the family and community in Cambodia to prevent children being separated from their families

06 Nov 2018

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When CCT social workers met Samnang, his wife had just passed away, leaving Samnang caring for their three children, 5, 6 and 16 years old under difficult circumstances.

Social workers in partnership with the family and village used the Signs of Safety mapping to focus on tapping into the natural networks that already existed around the family and identify the areas where they could link into more support. The family have been able to build and strengthen the relationships of key people in their lives, link in with specialised services to support the needs of the children and feel hopeful for the future, surrounded by their village.

Sophorn and Lyly from CCT will present the work they have done with the family and the impact this has had for the family and community and also CCT’s social work team.

Live Feedback received from the room and around the world during this presentation

Sherry from USA 11:14 am

LEARNED: What is good? And what is good? And what is good? And what is good? And what is good? And what is good? And what is good? And what is good?...... Brilliant! Thank you, Sophorn.

Lotte from Netherlands 11:17 am

LEARNED: Thank you for your courage to present in this beautifull vulnerable way Lyly and Sophorn! Addapting question to the family.

Andrew from Australia 11:19 am

LEARNED: So so so proud to be here listening to Sophorn and Lyly - they are showing me what this model is . . . I can't wait to show this to Steve Edwards. Thank you Sophorn and Lyly

Maria from Ireland 11:21 am

LEARNED: Ask questions in different ways, again and again.......not giving up and helping families make connections. Very energising and helps us to keep going when the going gets tough.

Ripon and Rural from United Kingdom 11:21 am

LEARNED: Importance of networks to provide safety rather than agencies. Need to develop network meetings within the team further. The importance of relationships and use of appreciative enquiry to tease out

Jo from England 11:21 am

LEARNED: Great to hear about how hard you worked to develop the questions that made sense to the family that got to want you needed to hear about.

Tracey from England 11:25 am

LEARNED: Great to hear working within the established community network. Showing respect to those involved while steering towards achieving the safety goals.

Caroline from Ireland 11:25 am

LEARNED: Lyly explained really well how safety goals became focus of network meeting. Keeps network meeting focused

Debbie from Ireland 11:25 am

LEARNED: Cambodian children's Trust: What is already good in the village? And what is good and what is good..? Amazing to hear how you're using the Signs of Safety with families AND whole village. Inspiring

Emma from England 11:26 am

LEARNED: The real meaning of it takes a village to raise a child. Thankyou to Sophorn and Lyly for sharing this wonderful work you do. Huge respect to you all and the community.

Leigh from Scotland 11:27 am

LEARNED: Reminder of the simplicity of the approach with families and their networks.

Mike from Canada 11:28 am

LEARNED: Loved seeing the community come into circle and get it done for the family and children.

Jo from England 11:28 am

LEARNED: Great work... making a real big difference to help the family by drawing on networks resulting in the best opportunities for the children in their community.

Steve from Cumbria, UK 11:29 am

LEARNED: The importance of the S/W being based within the village and therefore being well placed to understand the formal and informal networks more clearly... locality working so important to SOfS. Brill!!

Natasha Duddy from Northern Ireland 11:31 am

LEARNED: What amazing outcomes! Look what happens when the village raises the child. Brilliant work.

Sherry from USA 11:32 am

LEARNED: The difference between surviving and thriving is a network. Thank you so much, Sophorn and Lyly.

Kay from England 11:33 am

LEARNED: I really love the way how you have been creative and adapted the model in a culturally acceptable way and demonstrated this fabulously Thank you

Michelle from Usa 11:33 am

LEARNED: How inspirational to learn more about how CCT is wrapping safety and well being around children while mapping with villages.

Sharon from Ireland 11:33 am

LEARNED: Wow this presentation has brought tears to my eye knowing through your great work these children are able to live at home instead of a life in an orphanage!

Wendy from UK 11:35 am

LEARNED: Thankyou to Sophorn and Lyly for your inspirational presentation - there is so much we can learn from the work of Village Based Social Workers and family/community mappings

Nia, Donna, Caroline from Northern Ireland 11:36 am

LEARNED: We are truly moved by this presentation. The compassion you have shown really did bring a tear to our eyes! Keep up the amazing work!

Andrew from Australia 11:40 am

LEARNED: The quote (inspired by book by Canadian CP worker Gerald deMontigney) is, our best work is usually cobbling together the least dirty solution we can come up with to the ugly problems we respond to

Daphne from Ireland 11:41 am

LEARNED: What a brilliant presentation by Lily and Sophorn indeed it takes a village t raise a child. A hands on and practical approach. Very touching.

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