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Using the Safety Planning Roadmap

08 Nov 2018

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In this presentation Linn will tell us about the work of Lena and Victoria of Molndal Children’s Services where the safety planning work was done rigorously in a case involving violence, drug use and neglect.

We will also hear from the mother telling us about her experience of the work in what had become a stuck case for both her and the professionals.

In addition to describing the detail of the practice, Linn will speak about how the professionals organised themselves so they could lead the family in this work.

Live Feedback received from the room and around the world during this presentation

Andrew from Australia/Sweden 10:26 am

LEARNED: Huge massive SHOUT OUT to Lena and Victoria Mondal

Stephen from Ireland 10:35 am

LEARNED: Brave Social workers need Brave Leadership. Brave Social Workers are Leading us all

Andrew Turnell from Australia 10:36 am

LEARNED: Your presentation makes me so proud Linn you are honouring the work and Victoria and Lena so skilfully and elegantly

Petra from Netherlands 10:39 am

LEARNED: Linn great how you honor the socialworkers from the case. Great how you guided them!!

Andrew from Australia 10:42 am

LEARNED: Superb appreciative inquiry - such clear, focused questions, Thank you Linn and most importantly. Thank You Mum!

Lotte from Netherlands 10:44 am

LEARNED: Great modeling Linn, vulnerable, open, humble, honoring and great AI!

Jo from England 10:52 am

LEARNED: Prepared questions gives focus for the conversation. The time needed to do this is so important

Ophelia from Sweden 10:52 am

LEARNED: Love the "slow thinking" part when the workers had to go back and go through the bottom lines with the mom to create the Words and Pictures for the children. Good Job!

Ger from Ireland 10:52 am

LEARNED: Amanda and Linn giving heart felt stories of using the words and pictures with skill, humility but tremendous strength. Go social workers!

Michael from Ireland 10:54 am

LEARNED: Thanks Pene for your resonating words on dispelling the secrecy ... as Linn is showing, kids can be courageous and articulate when given the safe space and opportunity to do so 👊

Jo from England 10:55 am

LEARNED: Preparing the questions is so vital before meetings. Well done - it is so important .

Kay from UK 10:56 am

LEARNED: Thank you Linn for sharing this work of Lena and Victoria in a way which honoured them and the work completed with the family

Kay from UK 10:56 am

LEARNED: Preparation, preparation, preparation!!

Maria from Uk 10:57 am

LEARNED: Fantastic work, clear and realistic and not loosing sight of the children.

Sherry from USA 11:01 am

LEARNED: Thank you Linn, Victoria and Lena for this great example of the rigor, grace and humility that allowed Mom to say she was listened to while doing work to which she initially said no. So skilled!

Pernilla from Sweden 11:23 am

LEARNED: To trust the mother even before she has decided get of the drugs- and that that was the thing that gave mum the push forward! WOW!!! This is how social work can make difference.

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