Gathering Presentations

Making Safeguarding Personal

Creating safety for a young woman with a learning disability

06 Nov 2018

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  • English

Karen O'Brien and Caragh McLaughlin will present on the use of Signs of Safety within Adult Services. With a focus on Adult Safeguarding, they reflect on how use of the model creates less risk through working collaboratively with service users and their support network to find sustainable solutions to enhance safety and well-being.

They will identify positives and challenges generating from a shift in professional responses to adult safeguarding; from reactionary, more paternalistic approaches to practice that locates service users more centrally in decision-making. With an increased emphasis on systems and outcomes, the journey has begun but there is still much road to travel.

Live Feedback received from the room and around the world during this presentation

Kay from England 12:04 pm

LEARNED: The Leaders job is to set the framework so the workers can do the work!

Kay from England 12:07 pm

LEARNED: Feedback from the family through AI was powerful to tell us what works so we can do more of this!

Josephine Meehan from Ireland 12:08 pm

LEARNED: Loved using this model in childcare in the Western Trust. Reminds me of the reason I entered the profession all those years ago!! Can't wait to be part of the journey in Adult services.

Cormac from Ireland 12:09 pm

LEARNED: Changing the conversation .... to help generate new thinking really helps me think about how we open up conversations with our partner agencies

Ophelia from Sweden 12:10 pm

LEARNED: The Leader taking the practitioners under her wings and the T&C is the wind beneath the leader,s wings.

Jo from England 12:13 pm

LEARNED: Loved the fact you jumped straight into the deep end with Miss A, you could have started with a much 'easier case. But you didn't. Respect.

Tracey from United Kingdom 12:13 pm

LEARNED: Great message for leadership and workers 'What you want to ignite in others must first burn inside yourself'!

Sherry from USA 12:16 pm

LEARNED: "If we focus on behaviors, we risk losing the human beings."

Andrew from Australia 12:16 pm

LEARNED: So many people ask me how does SofS apply to adult social care and who's doing it? Western Trust is and they're leading the world in this work - thank you Karen, thank you Caragh

Haley from England 12:17 pm

LEARNED: How awesome, Miss A is still that child trapped in the grown up body, might look like an adult but I love you took the time to understand her and her journey as a child!!

Caara from Canada 12:17 pm

LEARNED: Bringing the Humanity back to the work - something we all want to do more of as practitioners.....powerful work Northern Ireland

Danielle from England 12:17 pm

LEARNED: Ignition burns within for the fire to spread! Northern Ireland, you worded it better! Amazed to see S of S practice in the adult service.

QUESTION: Impressed with Northern Ireland's Adults Services. How do the children's and adults services connect through using signs of safety? What does this look like?

Pernilla from Sweden 12:19 pm

LEARNED: That you have to look at the history on the Human beeing not the behavior the last days or year.

Frank from USA 12:20 pm

LEARNED: Beautiful example of respect — visiting in prison, creating space for her voice in her release plan.

Emma from England 12:21 pm

LEARNED: Really thinking about what safety meant for Miss A rather than what it meant for the worker and turning to the prison to learn from what worked there. Fabulous work and great plan to achieve success.

Stephen from Ireland 12:22 pm

LEARNED: Incredible to see how SofS has promoted safety and independence for our vulnerable adults.

Sharon from Ireland 12:23 pm

LEARNED: The life course map of S of S that NI are leading out on, truly humbling, humane compassionate S of S work in adult services, inspiring,

Andrew from Australia 12:23 pm

LEARNED: Caragh you have taken us into the world and experience of this woman and you can feel your connection and the care and respect you have for her and the dignity you have helped her reclaim

QUESTION: So given you're leading the world in applying the approach to adult social care - when do you think you'll be ready to write the book and what help do you need from us to do it?

Michael from Scotland 12:23 pm

LEARNED: Really good to see such great work that's happening under SofS. Great job Caragh! See you tomorrow.

Jennifer from Northern Ireland 12:25 pm

LEARNED: The recognition of the need to do things differently in adult services, and the personal and professional drive to make this happen in the interests of adults (and children) is incredibly impressive!

QUESTION: What more can be done to support joint working across disciplines?

Michelle from USA 12:26 pm

LEARNED: Karen and Caragh - wow the power of involving an adult in her own plan.! Thank you for listening to these adults to enhance their living.

Stacey from USA 12:26 pm

LEARNED: All humans have the right to be heard, plan their life and be given hope! Thank you for the work you have done with Miss A.

Jo from England 12:27 pm

LEARNED: How fantastic to hear how it stopped working when Miss A went back to prison. Immense learning and ownership of the responsibility by the agency and not to blame Miss A

Josephine from Ireland 12:29 pm

LEARNED: Fantastic Caragh. Karen is a true leader. Super excited for the future. The benefits for our service users and staff.

Seamus from Northern Ireland 12:29 pm

LEARNED: What great work Cara and Karen. Giving choice back to Miss A must have been so rewarding to give her a different experience using SOfS. Well done.

Ophelia from Sweden 12:29 pm

LEARNED: Wow, little did we know; Miss A had her own Safety Plan. This surfaced through your questions! 👍

Sam from N Ireland 12:32 pm

LEARNED: Fantastic work in WHSCT: SofS potential bring harnessed and shared widely. Inspiring for the rest of us!

DC&YP Craven from Skipton North Yorkshire UK 12:33 pm

LEARNED: Coming from a team who works with children & young people with disabilities it is inspiring to see the example & how signs of safety can be applied positively across different service areas.

Bairbre from Ireland 12:47 pm

LEARNED: Sounds like a really positive approach to a difficult case

QUESTION: Are there any down sides/disadvantages to using Signs of Safety in this case? Did you have any concerns about Miss A's ability to carry out the plan as agreed? Is there a lot of trust involved?

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