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Transforming Child Intervention Practice In Alberta

Whole system thinking about how to apply the Signs of Safety approach.

07 Nov 2018

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Effective use of the Signs of Safety in practice requires whole system thinking about how to align the practice approach within child protection agency’s workflow and decision-making processes.

Jon Reeves will describe the practice and system realignment of the initial assessment and intervention case work process in Calgary Region that has utilised the Alberta Child Intervention Practice Framework which uses the Signs of Safety approach and has secured significant changes in outcomes over the past five years including significant reduction of court involvement and out of home placements.

Live Feedback received from the room and around the world during this presentation

Maria from Tusla Ireland 10:33 am

LEARNED: So great to be building on what's working well in our practice over the years and building implementation to allow that practice to grow and thrive.

Sherry from USA 10:39 am

LEARNED: Investing $ in staff and practice will pay for itself by keeping kids safely at home. If you think you can't afford to fully implement Signs of Safety, you actually can't afford not to. Thanks, Jon!

Jo from England 10:40 am

LEARNED: When you hear the data it isn't beige. Shows the impact of the intentional effort.

Mark from N Ireland 10:41 am

LEARNED: Excellent to hear the progress of SOFS and the success of Kinship. Well done.

Rosina from Canada 10:42 am

LEARNED: Jon in the leadership role across the whole of Alberta gives me huge hope to replicate what happened in Calgary across all 7 regions. And love that you are a practioner first!

Sherry from USA 10:46 am

LEARNED: Thanks for demonstrating the importance of knowing your data and making it public, Jon! Brilliant!

Leigh from Scotland 11:22 am

LEARNED: How to sell the importance of the "dreaded" data in such a charismatic way! Great!


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