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Using The Whole Approach In Our Very First Case

Learning and reflections on trusting the process to create safety

06 Nov 2018

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Despite never using the Signs of Safety before, Helena and Melissa decided the best way to learn the approach was to apply the whole approach to one case, with support of their leaders and Sharon Gorey.

This case involved a Nigerian mother of six children with significant prior history with Tusla. The case focused on domestic violence with the latest involvement arising when the mother travelled to Nigeria. The organised childcare arrangement had fallen apart leading Tusla to place the children into care.

Melissa and Helena will describe how they used all the key practice methods: mapping; My Three Houses, network; Words and Pictures and created the safety plan. They will speak about their learnings and conclude with the mother’s reflections about what was most important.

Live Feedback received from the room and around the world during this presentation

Stacey from USA 9:44 am

LEARNED: I'm so impressed with the behavioral detail in your danger statement and scale, especially so early in implementation. It is also so clear how you built a relationship with mom and network.

Mike from Canada 9:46 am

LEARNED: Using scaling with humour to help the hard conversations in good ways, so wonderful.

Jacqui from England 9:47 am

LEARNED: I am so impressed with your learning journey on this case, as a practitioner whose authority have recently started using SOfS I have found your presentation really helpful and inspiring.

QUESTION: What did you learn from this case?

Willeke van der Zand from Netherlands 9:49 am

LEARNED: Wow just the first case can be already so good that this example will be used by me for how much change you can make tomorrow if you just practise what you learned.

QUESTION: Great scaling. But I'm a bit confused. Did you have a reason to make the 10 more then the situation needed about the food? Is the 10 what would be great or for just this situation? 😊

Jo from England 9:53 am

LEARNED: The confidence to pull on what you already know and do well and use it in this way. The team approach to support each other to keep going

Andrew from Australia 9:56 am

LEARNED: W&P explanation and safety plan rolled into one - u couldn't get a better explanation and plan. Thankyou for the work and your courage to present it. Inspiring!

Jo from England 9:58 am

LEARNED: Very well done... simple is very difficult situations broken down for everyone to understand to make the difference. This is a hard job illustrated really well.

Safeguarding Craven from Skipton, North Yorkshire UK 10:00 am

LEARNED: The team liked the way the appreciative enquiry was used to understand parental experiences and relationships whilst using the supportive team mapping to ensure that focus remained on safety.

Danielle from England 10:00 am

LEARNED: Inspiring to see how appreciative inquiry was recognised and used to overcome shame when connecting networks.

Mike from Canada 10:00 am

LEARNED: Love how in some way the process was permission giving for all of us to help those who need support.

Michael from Ireland 10:00 am

LEARNED: Well done on a fantastic words and pictures. Section 7 was really powerful in honouring the arrangement for young Derek 👊

Sarah from USA 10:02 am

LEARNED: I was so impressed by your whole presentation! One thing that really stood out was to see the GAL's feedback and how she was engaged in the process as this is sometimes so challenging. Well done!

QUESTION: What do you think the GAL would say was helpful about how you involved her/him in the process?

Sue from Australia 10:03 am

LEARNED: How beautiful the process works. Very inclusive for all involved..

QUESTION: Is there any revolving doors referrals after the case is closed using SofS?

Ann from Sweden 10:04 am

LEARNED: Love the feedback from mother, That really honors the work you did. So brave!

Kay from UK 10:04 am

LEARNED: Reinforced the importance of the network and that it does not have to be blood relatives. There is a greater opportunity to bring the SofS message to the wider community.. Thank you and well done

Pene from Australia 10:09 am

LEARNED: Helena, Siobhan and Melissa. The power of what you can do when you just commit to giving it a go!! A truly fantastic presentation demonstrating using the Signs of Safety as a process

Tim from US 10:10 am

LEARNED: TUSLA - your presentation and work with your first case honored and mirrored your country and heritage. It was authentic, courageous, inviting, and beautiful!

Sherry from USA 10:14 am

LEARNED: Siobhan, Melissa and Helena: You've absolutely raised the bar by the courage you demonstrated to go full-on after the vision you had from your 2-day training. Truly inspiring work!

Marie from Ireland 10:39 am

LEARNED: Thank you to Siobhan, Melissa and Helena for being brave and kicking off the Gathering with a great presentation. Great example of how to use the approach. Keep up the good work

Roisin from Ireland 11:00 am

LEARNED: Well done Helena, Siobhan and Melissa excellent presentation and very inspirational!

Lisa Clarke from Ireland 11:07 am

LEARNED: Well done Siobhan, Melissa and Helena. Excellent and informative presentation. Lovely to see how the words and pictures were used with this family and helped the children.

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