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Logo Guide for Organisations

For implementing organisations seeking to use the Signs of Safety logo

21 Jun 2017

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This guide is intended for organisations who are implementing Signs of Safety® and outlines correct usage of the logo and other associated branding considerations. Logo artwork files are also linked in the sidebar in .jpg and .png formats. If you require vector artwork, e.g. .ai or .eps files) or other formats please contact to request them.

The Signs of Safety® name and logo are registered trademarks that are protected by law to ensure they is not misused in any way. Elia International Ltd owns these trademarks. Implementing organisations  have permission to use the logo for internal purposes but will need to seek permission on a case-by-case basis to use it in materials that will be published to the public. In all cases usage must be in accordance with the guidelines set out in this document. 

Other third parties may not use the Signs of Safety logo unless they have been granted explicit permission from Elia to do so. Please contact if you would like to make an enquiry.

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