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  1. 1. Signs of Safety - Information for Parents search file icon
    • English
    15 September 2020   |  Northern Territory Government   4 Most Popular Explanation about what Signs of Safety is and what this means for Territory Families' work with children, young people and their parents and carers.
  2. 2. Signs of Safety Assessment and Planning Framework search file icon
    • Cantonese
    • English
    • Swedish
    28 February 2020   |  Andrew Turnell   2 Most Popular An updated multilingual explanation of the seven analysis categories of the Signs of Safety map.
  3. 3. The Middle Column search file icon
    • English
    8 October 2019   |  Pene Turnell   4 Most Popular ‘If you’re not using the middle column (to inform assessment and decision making and as the foundation of safety planning), you’re not ‘doing’ Signs of Safety.’ — Pene Turnell
  4. 4. It Takes A Village To Raise A Child search file icon
    • English
    6 November 2018   |  Cambodia Childrens Trust, Lyly Tek, Sophorn Ngath   5 Most Popular A case study from Cambodian Children's Trust showing how the Signs of Safety is being integrated into family and community social work in Battambang Province to enable family-based care and prevent children being separated from their family.
  5. 5. Making Safeguarding Personal search file icon
    • English
    6 November 2018   |  Caragh McLaughlin, Karen OBrien, Western Health and Social Care Trust   5 Most Popular Applying Signs of Safety to working with a young adult placing herself at risk of sexual and financial exploitation with frequent periods of imprisonment to create a successful outcome focused safety plan the young woman owned and understood.
  6. 6. Using The Whole Approach In Our Very First Case search file icon
    • English
    6 November 2018   |  Helena Grenham, Melissa Davidson, Siobhan Nolan, TUSLA   4 Most Popular Believing that the best way to start to apply Signs of Safety was to use the approach with a family of 6 children, Melissa and Helena, supported by their team leader Siobhan describe their work and how they trusted the process to work with Mum and a safety network to create safety so the children could return home.
  7. 7. The Journey of Safety Planning search file icon
    • English
    5 September 2016   |  Elia   4 Most Popular Presented by Andrew Turnell and Susie Essex (England) at the 2016 Norwich Signs of Safety Gathering. In this presentation Susie describes the relationships that sustains effective safety planning as firm and hugely kind. Drawing on two case examples, Susie and Andrew explore the interconnection between the methods and relational foundation of effective safety planning.
  8. 8. Signs of Safety Transforming our Practice search file icon
    • English
    9 May 2014   |  Elia Our Head of Service will give a brief overview of Swansea’s implementation journey highlighting key aspects of our actions, achievements and overcoming struggles. This is followed by our fostering service showing a good practice example that not only demonstrates an amazing piece of work; it also reflects our journey in transforming our service-practice. We hope to cover all of the following: Why have we chosen a whole service implementation? >What is Swansea most proud of from our implementation journey? >What commitment does this take? >What feedback are we getting? >Our performance data >Keeping the energy going through transformation >Fitting Signs of Safety into fostering services >Using the approach to prevent a placement breakdown with two young sisters >Reclaiming social work values.