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14 Mar 2017

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The Signs of Safety approach and its methods can also become just "another thing to do" and so we need to continually find ways of helping practitioners and agencies engage with it and to reflect and learn as they apply the approach. The Signs of Safety Learning Journal has been created as a tangible tool to help the professionals we are working with to make the shift from training to ongoing learning.

In 2016 we created the first versions of the Learning Journal and various Signs of Safety trainers, consultants and agencies trialled their use. These trainers, consultants and practitioners have enjoyed the journals and we have refined the content. The journals are an important component of the practice leader and leadership learning and development trajectories that have just been finalised.

If an organisation would like this product they need to request a copy through Elia so that it can be customised with the organisation’s logo and any localised language or terms. You can download a watermarked example of the Learning Journal in the Downloads widget on the right. The intention is to create a personalised version for each organisation that requests one.

The cost of this for the organisation is AU$800. This includes the license to use the document and the supply of a print-ready artwork file, customised to the needs of the organisation.Learning Journal

To start the process a licensed trainer, consultant and/or the organisation should contact at Elia.

Elia will request:

  • A high resolution (300 dpi) digital copy of the organisations logo, for the front cover in .jpg, .tiff or .eps file format.
  • Details of any content changes. All content in the example document should be checked to make sure it is in keeping with the terminology used in the organisation’s region. For example, In the diagram on page 38 titled "Signs of Safety/Wellbeing/SuccessAnalysis Categories”, under Assessment Type there is the term “Signs of Success – Children in Care”. In the UK they call children in care “looked after children” or LAC.
  • Details of any additional custom content. Almost anything can be changed or added — it’s really up to the organisation. They should supply a Word document detailing any text they want changed.
  • High resolution copies of any images they may want included.
  • Contact information for who Elia should send our invoice to.

After details of all changes are received Elia will prepare a draft for review. We will do up to two rounds of drafting and review.

It is up to the organisation to arrange any printing of the document that they need. After the draft and review rounds, and when the organisation are happy with the document, Elia will provide them with the final print-ready digital file along with recommended printing specifications that they hand to a professional printer for production of any hard copies needed.

You can download examples of the Learning Journal below. They are watermarked as they are not intended to be used as is. Again, the intention is to create a personalised version for each organisation that requests one. The UK and US English versions should be used as a reference only to create an organisations own version. The TUSLA version is for example purposes only to illustrate how a learning journal cover might be co-branded to include an organisation’s logo.

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