Resource use and sharing

This page outlines how you can use and share the resources made available through the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank.

Public Resources

These resources are visible to the public, and do not require a subscription or to be logged in.

You can identify these resources by looking in the top-right corner of each resource page, where you'll see the following:

Public Resource Image

Public resources can be shared with anyone. However they must remain unaltered, with the original Signs of Safety and Knowledge Bank copyright and branding on them.We encourage sharing of these resources by sharing the links to the resource page as the Signs of Safety is constantly evolving and resources are regularly updated. You are not permitted to redistribute public resources via your organisation's website without written permission from Elia.

Subscriber Resources

Resources on the Knowledge Bank that are only visible when logged into the Knowledge Bank with an individual Licence, small group Licence or whole organisation Licence.

You can identify these resources by looking in the top-right corner of the resource webpage, where you'll see the following:

Subscriber Resources image

Subscriber resources may only be shared with people who are covered by an individual, small group or whole organisation licence.

Best practice is to share resources by sharing links to the resource page. The recipient will only be able to access the resource if they are covered by a licence.

Knowledge Bank resources may not be used for commercial or monetary gain.

Individual and Small Group licenses allow for sharing with others also covered by a license. For example: A licensed individual covered by a small group license may electronically share, or print and share, a resource with another person in their organisation who is also covered by that small group license. However they can’t share printed copies in a training that includes non-licensed individuals.

A whole organisation license allows for sharing throughout the licensed organisation. For example: A Knowledge Bank resource could be included in the introductory training that all staff receive and copies printed as part of handouts. Additionally this resource could be made available to all staff within that organisation via the organisations’ internal file sharing platform.

Subscriber Resources may be used and shared within licensed organisations providing this use complies with the organisations Knowledge Bank Licence Agreement and Signs of Safety Resource and Logo usage Guidelines.

Both the agreement and guidelines are designed to maintain the fidelity of Signs of Safety while allowing implementing organisations the flexibility to integrate Signs of Safety materials into their training, systems and processes.

For those with a subscription you can find the Signs of Safety Resource and Logo usage Guidelines here.

If you would like to subscribe to the Knowledge Bank please visit our Subscribe page