Introduction to Signs of Safety

Landing Grand Aspirations in Everyday Practice

What one social worker's practice looks like using Signs of Safety

29 Apr 2021

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Trainers and Consultants in the UK were frustrated by feedback from some independent researchers that they could see little evidence of the use of Signs of Safety when observing social workers on visits in some local authorities implementing it. This prompted Damian to pursue his reflection – ‘what might they have seen if they’d observed someone really using it?’ – by undertaking an interview with newly qualified social worker Jacob Mahoney who has just completed his Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (AYSE) in Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council in England. These three short videos are extracts from that interview. They cover:

Starting the work – 6.5 minutes

Creating Danger Statements, Safety Goals and Safety Scales – 11 minutes

Safety Planning – 14 minutes

This resource is useful for anyone wanting to see or show what Signs of Safety looks like in practice, but especially for workers and managers new to the approach; it answers the question “if I shadowed a social worker who really uses Signs of Safety in their work, what would I see?”  

Starting the work:

Creating Danger Statements, Safety Goals and Safety Scales:

Safety Planning: 

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