How can I get access to the full library of resources on the Knowledge Bank?

How do I reset my password?

How do I search for resources?

I would like to contribute a resource to the Knowledge Bank. How can I do that?

What types of access does the Knowledge Bank have?

Which Knowledge Bank resources are the Signs of Safety Products?

Why can’t I print Signs of Safety products like the Learning Journal, Workbooks or the Power of Partnership?


Subscribing to the Knowledge Bank

Can I add extra number of accounts for my organisation if I've already subscribed to the Knowledge Bank?

If I'm the Knowledge Bank Coordinator, how do I add additional members, or update account information, or delete accounts of staff that have left?

Where will account information will be stored? (e.g. Cloud or on-premises)

Who “owns” the account information?

Who will have access to the account information and under what circumstance?

Why do you need names, email addresses and job titles on the user template?