Individuals and Organisations that are implementing Signs of Safety are able to purchase access to Knowledge Bank resources for themselves or their staff. Check out the Subscribe Page for more information about how to subscribe, and the kinds of resources that will be available to you.

You can reset your password yourself as long as you know the email address associated with your account.

How to reset your password:

Go to the login page by clicking 'Login' in the top-right corner of the site, or by clicking here.

KB Login image with arrow pointing to login button

Click the text underneath the password field that says “Forgot password?”

KB Login Forgot Password

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please submit a support request.

If you have a case example or piece of practice you would like to submit for consideration to be uploaded to the Knowledge Bank, please discuss with the Trainer or Consultant working with your organization.

Public Access

Free access to a basic library of introductory resources. This includes a selection of Signs of Safety Gathering videos, and other introductory resources.

Subscription Access

There are three types of subscriptions Licence to the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank. All three Licences include access to the complete library of 900+ subscriber resources but allow for different levels of sharing and flexibility in how those resources can be used.

Individual Licence for the Knowledge Bank is intended to allow an individual professional to use the Knowledge Bank Materials for their personal learning and development.

Small Group Licence for the Knowledge Bank is intended to allow a small group of staff within an organisation to use the Knowledge Bank Materials for their personal learning and development.

Organisation Licence for the Knowledge Bank is intended to support personal learning and development across all Staff in an organisation.

For organisations considering a Knowledge Bank Licence it’s important to consider if you are looking to up-skill or make resources available to a select group of staff or if you want the flexibility and Licence to share and leverage resources throughout your organisation.

For more information please see the Subscribe Page

The Signs of Safety products are the resources that have previously been for individual sale and licensed on the Signs of Safety store.

Signs of Safety products include:

Your Knowledge Bank Subscription gives you access to all the Signs of Safety products for your personal learning journey. However, we do ask you not to download or print with the intent to digitally store or distribute.

For more information about what you can and cannot do with resources, please see the Fair Use Policy.

Signs of Safety products are copyrighted. The copyright holders maintain the right to know how their product is being used and by whom, so we ask that if you want to print a copy of the product to use internally within your organisation, please contact us first.

There are also practical reasons why we ask you to contact us around printing. Simply said, the web version of the resource (the one you download from this site) is optimised for screens only and isn’t designed to be printed. If people print using the web versions, we are worried that it won’t be printed and bound properly and professionally and that peoples’ experience of the Signs of Safety resource will be less than optimal.

A print-ready version of each workbook has been prepared specifically as a higher quality file, with the correct spacing, bleed and borders so that when it is professionally printed it is of a high quality and can be properly bound. If you print it on an average office printer you run the risk of adversely effecting the readability of the document by cutting off parts of content, missing pages or reproducing colour in diagrams poorly.

Each product has its own specific print guidelines and print-ready version to also ensure optimal usability. For example, in some of the workbooks there are pages for people to fill in during training so we specify non-glossy paper so people can write notes into them.

Another example from our training experience is that certain binding methods make it easier to lay a booklet flat on a table or fold over onto itself in your lap, which is why we generally recommend spiral binding for some resources in our printing guidelines.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at admin@signsofsafety.net and we will be able to help you.

Subscribing to the Knowledge Bank

If you have purchased a Whole Organisation Subscription to the Knowledge Bank, it is simply a matter of sending us an updated user template form and we can create those accounts for you.  

If you have purchased a Small Group Subscription, and you would like to purchase an additional number of accounts, we can do this for you. We can invoice you for the number of accounts you would like to have more of and once your order has been finalised, including payment, we can put those on for you.

In both cases when the time comes to renew, we simply invoice you for the number of accounts you would like to have going forward.

The Knowledge Bank accounts are stored on the website. The original files that are sent to us, as well as the files we create to onboard users, are stored securely on our internal Knowledge Bank Support filing system.

As far as we are concerned, all account information is yours. We’re only using it to create accounts for your staff. The only time we use the information is for communication purposes. e.g. user support, password resets, website maintenance, Knowledge Bank induction emails, or platform usage surveys sent to users to better see what features and resources people would like.

Your internal Knowledge Bank account Coordinator will have access to the information on request. We can export out the list of staff, as well as reports such as who is logging in, who hasn’t logged in, most downloaded resources etc. The Knowledge Bank Team also have access to exporting user lists to make sure everything is going smoothly with your subscription and your users' access.

User Management Tool

The person you wish to add as a second Coordinator will need to have a KB user account.


To add in a second or third coordinator - when on the KBC page, you can use the Keyword search box to look up the staff member you would like to add as the KBC. 



how to add kbc


Click on the edit button in line with their name.


Then click on the KB Coordinator checkbox and save the update(s).


edit users



You will then see the total number of KB Coordinators increase. There will also now be a yes in the KB coordinator column in line with their name.


kbc update



Searching for the user and hitting ‘edit’ this will take you to a page where you can edit a user and change their password or trigger a password reset.

Login as a KB Coordinator


In the top right hand corner, you will see ‘Welcome’ and your name. 

Clicking this will activate a drop down menu.


user management tool


f you Click the Knowledge Bank Coordinator View button, you will be taken to the page where you can manage the licences for your Knowledge Bank Account: 

The User Management page is the that gives Knowledge Bank Coordinators access to a number of different features and actions to manage your licences add and remove users.