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  1. 1. It can be done! Using Networks During COVID-19 search file icon
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    5 March 2021   |  Andrew Turnell, Elia   5 Most Popular We all know the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. However the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our lives and has brought massive challenges within practice. This is a part of the recording of a Facebook Live held on 5th of March 2021 in which Andrew Turnell lead a conversation with a group of practitioners from around the world to hear from them how they involve networks in their practice with children and families and how this is making a difference. This section features two workers at North Tyneside and their experiences working with networks.
  2. 2. Safety Planning during COVID-19 and Beyond search file icon
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    23 April 2020   |  Andrew Turnell, Pene Turnell   4 Most Popular Watch back the interactive and intimate Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Pene Turnell, Executive Director of Practice for Elia and Professor Andrew Turnell, co-creator of Signs of Safety. Answering questions on actual case problems and safety planning for those cases, particularly when there are significant challenging factors.