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  1. 1. Signs of Safety and Contextual Safeguarding  search file icon
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    4 March 2021   |  Andrew Turnell, Carlene Firmin, Joanne Walker, Pene Turnell, Tracey Hill, Wendy Hill   3 Most Popular This is a joint briefing paper co-authored by Elia and the University of Bedfordshire, Contextual Safeguarding team to explore the relationship and integration between Contextual Safeguarding and Signs of Safety.
  2. 2. Signs of Safety and Contextual Safeguarding - an example search file icon
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    23 February 2021   |  Wendy Hill   5 Most Popular This resource provides a draft Danger Statement, Safety Goal and Safety Scale based on information provided by a worker during Group Supervision (case information has been de-identified) and suggested questions to support assessment and next steps planning in respect of Liam (17).