About the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank

The Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank is an online library of the best examples and learning resources for child protection workers and leaders.

Signs of Safety has always been a practitioner’s model, and there is a strong commitment to making the core practice tools and techniques available to everyone. A selection of resources covering the core of Signs of Safety is free; organisations can subscribe to give staff access to a more advanced and extensive library.

Sharing what works

We started with the simple idea of sharing what worked for one person with others, gathering what works into one central Knowledge Bank— from a danger statement that worked well, to a complete case example or implementation plan.

Resources when you need them

We designed the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank to be mobile friendly, on demand and at your fingertips. It has advanced search and filtering tools that allow you to find the exact resource you need.

Continuously evolving

The Knowledge Bank is continuously updated with new resources as the model evolves and grows.

  Resources Examples

Free for Everyone:

  • Introductory resources like the Signs of Safety Briefing Paper
  • At least one example of each of the Signs of Safety practice methods, including Words and Pictures, My Three Houses and Child Safety Plans
  • 10 presentations from the two most recent International Gatherings

Available to Organisations with a Subscription:

Over 600 resources including:

  • Over 100 examples of harm statements, danger statements, safety goals and safety scales
  • All products from the Signs of Safety online store, including Power of Partnership, Safety Planning Workbook
  • Every International Gathering Presentation
  • A substantial set of resources to assist your implementation including: 
    • Mission Critical Roadmap
    • Comprehensive Implementation Theory, Framework and Trajectory
Books in the store Presentation at Gathering Signs of Safety Implementation Framework Illustration

Personalised experience

The Knowledge Bank allows organisational subscribers to select your role and will suggest resources targeted for you. You can select from Front-line Practitioner, Practice Leader, Learning Development, or Leadership.

To Subscribe

If you're interested in an organisational subscription please fill in the enquiry form here and we will contact you to arrange a call.

We are not providing subscriptions for individuals at this time.