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Connecting children to culture through working relationships

Territory Families | 2020 Aboriginal First Nation Signs of Safety Gathering

18 Dec 2020

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Presented by: Denella Detourbet, Senior Aboriginal Practice Leader and Lorraine Martin, Aboriginal Practice Advisor, Territory Families, Housing and Communities.

Lorraine presents a case about a young person’s cultural care plan and the intention to reunify and maintain cultural connections with their family as they had lost contact since being in the care of the CEO for six years. Also discussed are the success of the partnership in relation to the increase in the number of Aboriginal children in the care of relatives or kin, and a look at the working relationships with our Aboriginal Community Controlled organisations. The presenters give a short overview of the Aboriginal Carers Growing Up Aboriginal Children service model and TFHC commitment to increase the number of children in out-of-home-care placed with family and on country, and discuss the alignment of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principle regarding the five elements — prevention, partnership, placement, participation and connection.

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