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We are Born to Belong

The launch video for the 2021 Online International Signs of Safety Gathering

01 Apr 2021

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Born to Belong


"Born to Belong" is the theme of this year's International Signs of Safety Gathering so we asked some of the people who actually live and experience the work we do as child protection workers to read some words that explain this theme.

This theme really does fit with our Mission and the inclusion of naturally connected networks that is at the centre of our approach. The challenges of the past year have perhaps given us some insight into the experience of so many of the children we work with that continue to grow up lonely and isolated, as many of their parents did before them. The theme fits now more than ever in 2021 so we are launching our first Online Gathering with the same Born to Belong theme.

Along with the theme and video, we have decided to keep the artwork originally commissioned for the 2020 Calgary Gathering. It feels right to honour the slightly unique history of this Online Gathering and its start as the cancelled 2020 Calgary Gathering.

At its core, Signs of Safety aims to put children, and those the children belong to, at the centre of our work so that they are given every opportunity to belong. Join us at the 2021 Online International Gathering to hear examples of this sort of work via practice-focused presentations from practitioners and from leaders who are supporting them.

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