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Now we can start to heal

Journey to healing using Words and Pictures

01 Dec 2021

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Laura is a 16-year old young person in the care of the CEO on a long term protection order and has been with her carers since 2010. Since then, she has been asking:

Why have I not been able to live with my family?

Why did I have to come and live with my carers?

Why don’t Mum and Dad always come and see me when I visit my community?


Territory Families, Housing and Communities (TFHC) staff, Aboriginal Community Workers, Practice Leaders and Advisors, and family all worked together and shared information to come up with Words and Pictures to answer Laura’s questions and make sure that everyone involved was kept safe.

The journey has only just started but it has opened up so many possibilities in TFHC’s work. It was the hardest story the workers have ever had to tell, but it’s a story that will lead and inspire all future work.

The Question and Answer session for this presentation can be found here 




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