From 'inadequate' to 'outstanding' in three years

Appreciative Inquiry with Executive Leaders in Together for Children Sunderland on how implementing Signs of Safety transformed their organisation

10 Aug 2022

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TfC Sunderland is an organisation in England that is responsible for providing support and protection to children, young people and their families in the city of Sunderland and surrounding villages.  It is a large city in the North East of England that has suffered considerable poverty and deprivation with the closure of the shipping and coal industries.

In 2019 TfC Sunderland made the decision to implement Signs of Safety as its practice framework and began working with Elia on its implementation which included the implementation of the Liquid Logic Signs of Safety IT Solution.
In August 2021 TfC Sunderland was rated “outstanding” by Ofsted the English regulatory body for Children’s Services.  This was a significant achievement having previously being rated “inadequate” for a number of years.

In this video Andrew Turnell interviews Jill Colbert and Martin Birch who describe in rich detail their strategies working and standing alongside practitioners in setting the culture and tone for TfC’s implementation of Signs of Safety. The Appreciative Inquiry is full of practical ideas and strategies that will be inspiring to all children’s services leaders.

This Appreciative Inquiry is complimented by Mari Jayne’s Appreciative Inquiry with the TfC Implementation team which can be viewed here.




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