Leadership Development Trajectory

Development activities for leadership during Signs of Safety implementation

10 Jun 2021

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The Signs of Safety leadership trajectory sets out leadership development activities and the implementation developments where either or both leadership is critical to progress. The trajectory describes the pre-implementation period for six to twelve months and the two to three years of intense implementation, and it sets out broader parameters for continuing development and activity through to year five and beyond.

The specific activities and focuses for leadership are consistent with the Signs of Safety implementation framework and trajectory and are fundamentally important for the implementation. The activities and focuses are under the categories of:

·       Connection to the practice

·       Leadership consistent with Signs of Safety

·       Leading major alignment issues

·       Leading planning, review and priority setting

The activities in the trajectory are geared to meet the needs of the top tiers of management, and it’s best for there to be as much participation as can be achieved with the:

·       CEO (and/or position responsible for child protection if in a larger agency)

·       Senior and executive leadership

·       Service, locality, policy and quality assurance directors and managers

Each organisation has its own imperatives for reform and circumstances that affect aligning its systems with the Signs of Safety practice as it implements the approach. While the leadership trajectory is set out in a linear timeline consistent with the overall implementation trajectory, in effect it provides a menu of development activities and focuses that will be determined to meet the agency’s specific needs throughout the implementation. All activities need to be tailored to the specific needs and issues of the agency and its leadership.

Consultants will look to guide agencies through face-to-face workshops and meetings as suits the agency. An indicative schedule of activities is:

·       Monthly video calls with the responsible executive and management leaders of the implementation

·       Quarterly workshops with leadership groups across the agency (that may extend participation through to supervisors)

·       Leadership days for the top tiers of management across the organisation

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