Signs of Safety Quality Assurance System

Tools to enable meaningful measurement of activity and outcomes

09 Aug 2018

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Aligning the organisation’s quality assurance system and arrangements with the ethos and methodology of Signs of Safety is a core aspect of the organisational implementation of Signs of Safety. If practitioners are to be supported to use the organisation’s chosen practice method, it is perhaps self-evident that quality assurance should be congruent with the practice approach.

  • The Signs of Safety Quality Assurance System encompasses:
  • Collaborative case audit reflecting the Signs of Safety results logics;
  • Case management dashboards to monitor the application of Signs of Safety practice at individual case, team and organisational levels;
  • Family surveys providing feedback on practice, and staff surveys providing feedback on confidence with the practice, organisational culture and practice implementation;

Core data for monitoring case trends and outcomes with a small set of key indicators already collected The Signs of Safety Quality Assurance System has been developed through the Signs of Safety England Innovations Project, waves one and two, undertaken collaboratively with ten participating local authorities. It has been revised in the second wave project to include the dashboards monitoring application of the practice and a revised staff survey.


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