Signs of Safety Information System

Fantasy or Realistic Possibility?

Creating a Case Management Information System that Inspires Social Workers and Delivers for Managers

03 Nov 2020

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This paper details the user centred, whole agency learning lab process undertaken with the managers and practitioners in North Tyneside during 2019 to field test and refine the Signs of Safety case management system. The paper describes the development history of the configuration, and the one-year action learning process utilised to train, field test and improve the ownership and usability of the system and the outcomes the project generated. The differences created by the project were dramatic; leaders, managers and practitioners describe how the learning lab transformed their case management system from a tiresome chore to a learning tool that guided and deepened practice and agency intelligence. Two, three-month before and after, time and motion studies showed that users' time on the system reduced to a third of the previous level once the new system went live.


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