Signs of Safety Research

Evaluation of MTM's Signs of Safety Pilots

Evaluation report

15 Oct 2020

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The evaluation used a multi-method approach that included a deep dive into 5 of the 9 pilots, a staff survey, an examination of assessments that had been conducted, a contrast study examining practice in 2 SofS and 2 non-SofS children’s service departments (CSDs), an examination of plans and profiles, and an analysis of national outcomes data at LA level, including an individual-level difference-in- differences (DiD) analysis. The central questions that the evaluation was commissioned to examine were on:

• implementation and fidelity

• effectiveness and outcomes in relation to:

• workforce outcomes

• quality and duration of assessments

• outcomes for children/families in terms of the likelihood of cases being rereferred and of the use of kinship placements rather than out-of-family placements

• cost benefits

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