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Welcome to the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank

The Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank® is an online library of the best examples and learning resources for child protection workers and leaders.

Signs of Safety® has always been a practitioner’s model, and there is a strong commitment to making the core practice tools and techniques available to everyone. A selection of resources covering the core of Signs of Safety are free; organisations can subscribe to give staff access to a more advanced and extensive library.

Subscription Versus Public Access

A selection of resources covering the core of Signs of Safety are free; individuals and organisations can subscribe to gain access to a more advanced and extensive library.

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The Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank is an ever growing online library of practice examples, videos and resources for practitioners, managers, and organisation showing what good practice looks like. It offers a vision about how to do it well.

We believe to experience a product fully you should have the ability to try it in full and decide for yourself. To this end, you can have full access to the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank on trial for two weeks.

To sign up for a 14 day trial for ten users, complete our enquiry form. We will ask you to complete a user form that provides us with the names and emails of your users. We also request that you liaise with your IT team to make sure they have examined the Knowledge Bank IT requirements available here.

Please ensure your organisation doesn’t have major training or other internal disruptions during the trial to ensure your staff can utilise the trial effectively.

Please note our Terms and Conditions also apply to the trial. Resources and copyrighted material cannot be mass downloaded. All downloads are tracked to individual users and abuse of the fair use policy could result in termination of the trial, your subscription or further legal action.

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In my current role, I am the lead for implementation and practice integration in our agency. I find on the implementation side the value has been in the briefing papers and recommendations for implementation that have helped me assess where our agency is at within the 4 pillars and be able to plan and track around this.

Subscriber, Canada

(I) wish this was around when I first started in child protection.

Subscriber, Australia

Inspiration to help us be more creative and help us adapt for fostering.

Subscriber, United Kingdom

There are lots of resources covering a massive subject area such as training ideas, implementation tools, videos, books etc. enabling me to gain useful ideas and insight.

Subscriber, United Kingdom

The resources are hugely useful and would make a positive difference to me in my role.

Subscriber, USA

Great way to get organisations doing their own learning!

Gathering Participant

Andrew Turnell and the Knowledge Bank