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  1. 1. An Initial Vision for Aligned Quality Assurance using Meaningful Measures search file icon
    • English
    6 January 2022   |  Mike Caslor   5 Most Popular This video presentation is helpful for anyone who would like to better understand Meaningful Measures and aligning approaches to quality assurance to the Signs of Safety framework
  2. 2. Evidence Base and Implementation search file icon
    • English
    17 June 2021   |  Dr Louise Caffrey, Eileen Munro, Mike Caslor, Terry Murphy Exploring the evidence about the impact of Signs of Safety on practice and on children, young people and their families.
  3. 3. Framework and Trajectory search file icon
    • English
    11 June 2021   |  Terry Murphy There are a set of key and overarching activities that experience has indicated to be mission critical, that is essential for effective implementation. This mission critical version of the framework provides a streamlined roadmap for Signs of Safety implementation.  
  4. 4. From 'inadequate' to 'outstanding' in three years search file icon
    • English
    10 August 2022   |  Andrew Turnell Appreciative Inquiry interview with the Executive Leaders in TfC Sunderland about their active leadership of their agency’s implementation of Signs of Safety that transformed the agency from being deemed inadequate to outstanding in a three-year period in and how this supported their change in practice.
  5. 5. Implementation Prospectus search file icon
    • English
    21 August 2020   |  Elia   2 Most Popular The Prospectus provides interested organisations with an overview of what to expect in the first phase of a whole system implementation supported by a licensed consultant or Elia
  6. 6. Leadership Development Trajectory search file icon
    • English
    10 June 2021   |  Terry Murphy Learning and development activities in line with the implementation framework and the implementation trajectory, undertaken for the first two-year intense period of implementation and beyond, for leadership groups and senior managers
  7. 7. Managing Tragedies and other Crises search file icon
    • English
    18 November 2020   |  Joke Wiggerink, Terry Murphy   5 Most Popular Facebook Live session with Joke Wiggerink and Terry Murphy examine what we need to do as senior managers and leaders when a tragedy or other major crisis occurs.
  8. 8. Mission Critical Implementation Roadmap  search file icon
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    • Swedish
    16 January 2020   |  Andrew Turnell, Joke Wiggerink, Terry Murphy   4 Most Popular The Signs of Safety Implementation Framework - Mission Critical is a roadmap of 8 key parts summarising the key aspects of implementation under the domains of learning, leadership, organisational alignment and meaningful measures. It is used to inform implementation proposals, planning workshops, implementation plans, and consultation workshops and meetings.
  9. 9. Senior Management Overview on Safety Planning search file icon
    • English
    1 October 2020   |  Joke Wiggerink, Terry Murphy   5 Most Popular Recording of a webinar on the Leadership Support Forum Facebook group
  10. 10. Signs of Safety Quality Assurance System search file icon
    • English
    9 August 2018   |  Terry Murphy   4 Most Popular Signs of Safety implementation is fundamentally about the organisation being set up to enable and support and assess the practice. The Signs of Safety Quality Assurance System provides a vision and specific tools that can be used to align quality assurance.
  11. 11. Supporting practice, embedding learning and sharing success search file icon
    • English
    10 August 2022   |  Mari Jayne Appreciative Inquiry interview with TfC Sunderland’s Signs of Safety Implementation Team about how they did the day to day work of supporting the practitioners and the team managers, embedding the learning methods and sharing successes as their implementation of Signs of Safety unfolded and successes were seen.
  12. 12. Zes jaar implementatie van Signs of Safety in het Agentschap Opgroeien  search file icon
    • Dutch
    • English
    19 October 2021   |  Denis Gorgon, Joke Wiggerink, Lies Van Nuland, Marieke Vogel, Sabien de Klerck   5 Most Popular Deze video toont het proces van implemenatie van Signs of Safety door interviews met de projectleidster, jeugdrechters, partnerorganisaties, een onderzoekster van de Universiteit van Gent en praktijkondersteuners.