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  1. 1. Safety Planning - Finding and Using Networks search file icon
    • English
    8 May 2020   |  Andrew Turnell, Pene Turnell   5 Most Popular Pene and Andrew Turnell respond to questions focusing on finding and using networks as an essential part of the safety planning process.
  2. 2. Safety Planning during COVID-19 and Beyond search file icon
    • English
    23 April 2020   |  Andrew Turnell, Pene Turnell   4 Most Popular Watch back the interactive and intimate Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Pene Turnell, Executive Director of Practice for Elia and Professor Andrew Turnell, co-creator of Signs of Safety. Answering questions on actual case problems and safety planning for those cases, particularly when there are significant challenging factors.
  3. 3. Safety Planning Roadmap search file icon
    • English
    21 February 2020   |  Andrew Turnell, Pene Turnell   4 Most Popular The Roadmap sets out the steps in safety planning designed to create a proactive, structured and monitored process for parents to demonstrate they can care for their children safely. The full version of this resource is available with a Knowledge Bank Subscription.
  4. 4. We are Born to Belong search file icon
    • Dutch
    • English
    • Japanese
    3 February 2020   |  Christy Leitch, Elia, Pene Turnell   5 Most Popular The 2020 Signs of Safety International Gathering is in Calgary. This is the video that launches our theme: Born to Belong
  5. 5. The Middle Column search file icon
    • English
    8 October 2019   |  Pene Turnell   4 Most Popular ‘If you’re not using the middle column (to inform assessment and decision making and as the foundation of safety planning), you’re not ‘doing’ Signs of Safety.’ — Pene Turnell
  6. 6. Hugo Robert and Kelsey - Emotional Abuse and Domestic Violence search file icon
    • English
    20 September 2018   |  Pene Turnell   3 Most Popular Concerns about neglect and emotional abuse for a sibling group.
  7. 7. Lucy, Nancy and Lacie search file icon
    • English
    29 March 2018   |  Pene Turnell   5 Most Popular This end to end case illustrates how the Signs of Safety model might be applied to a child protection case and how to safety plan for reunification from temporary foster care.