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  1. 1. The Signs of Safety Approach in the Biberach District Youth Welfare Office search file icon
    • Deutsch
    • English
    22 December 2021   |  Stefan Bestmann This is a German language research factsheet, translated using google translate, that outlines recent Signs of Safety implementation research undertaken in Biberach District, Germany. The full report is not available, but the authors were supportive of making this summary available publicly.
  2. 2. Evidence Base and Implementation search file icon
    • English
    17 June 2021   |  Dr Louise Caffrey, Eileen Munro, Mike Caslor, Terry Murphy Exploring the evidence about the impact of Signs of Safety on practice and on children, young people and their families.
  3. 3. You can't grow roses in concrete Part 2 search file icon
    • English
    31 March 2020   |  Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro   5 Most Popular Second report on the Signs of Safety English Innovation Project
  4. 4. You Can’t Grow Roses in Concrete search file icon
    • English
    15 December 2016   |  Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro, Terry Murphy   3 Most Popular A broad brush picture of what has happened, picking out key themes and illustrating the diversity of the implementations. It is structured as a list of key elements of the reforms, but attention is given to reporting on how successfully these elements must interact to produce the desired changes.
  5. 5. Family Outcomes and Parent Perceptions search file icon
    • English
    26 October 2020   |  Casey Family Programs, Peter Pecora This research brief highlights data from studies of Signs of Safety that measure child and family outcomes, as well as parent perceptions of the practice. Compiled by Peter J. Pecora, Ph.D., Managing Director of Research Services, Casey Family Programs and Professor, University of Washington.
  6. 6. Evaluation of MTM's Signs of Safety Pilots search file icon
    • English
    15 October 2020   |  Mary Baginsky, Multiple Authors The evaluation used a multi-method approach that included a deep dive into 5 of the 9 pilots, a staff survey, an examination of assessments that had been conducted, a contrast study examining practice in 2 SofS and 2 non-SofS children’s service departments, an examination of plans and profiles, and an analysis of national outcomes data at LA level, including an individual-level difference-in- differences analysis.
  7. 7. Signs of Safety References and related publications search file icon
    • English
    24 September 2019   |  Mike Caslor This resource is a near complete reference list of all publications related to the Signs of Safety.
  8. 8. Working with Signs of Safety: Parents' perception of change search file icon
    • English
    26 July 2019   |  Mary Baginsky, Multiple Authors Data collected during the evaluation of Signs of Safety pilots, which was funded by the Department for Education as part of the Children's Social Care English Innovation Programme.