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  1. 1. Landing Grand Aspirations in Everyday Practice search file icon
    • English
    29 April 2021   |  Damian Griffiths   5 Most Popular Three short videos of an interview with a newly qualified social worker in the UK sharing his practice in three areas: Starting the Work, Danger Statements, Safety Goals and Safety Scales and Safety Planning
  2. 2. Barn och Ungdomar Utsatta för Våld search file icon
    • Swedish
    22 April 2021   |  Ann Gardestrom, Anne Hiller, Linn Van Bruggen, Pernilla Soderberg   5 Most Popular Ett metodstöd för praktiker inom socialtjänstens barn och ungdomsvård i hur Signs of Safety kan användas i en svensk kontext, inom ramen för svensk kommunal socialtjänst, särskilt i arbetet med våld i nära relationer
  3. 3. It can be done! Using Networks During Covid search file icon
    • English
    5 March 2021   |  Andrew Turnell, Elia   5 Most Popular We all know the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. However the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our lives and has brought massive challenges within practice. This is a part of the recording of a Facebook Live held on 5th of March 2021 in which Andrew Turnell lead a conversation with a group of practitioners from around the world to hear from them how they involve networks in their practice with children and families and how this is making a difference. This section features two workers at North Tyneside and their experiences working with networks.
  4. 4. Safety and healing through community and culture search file icon
    • English
    18 December 2020   |  Elia   5 Most Popular Upper Sioux Community Social Services and Yellow Medicine County Family Services utilised the Signs of Safety to support a Dakota mother who, after numerous child protection interventions, has begun healing because of her connections with her community and culture. The agencies will share what they learned working creatively together as a statutory authority with the Dakota community to help families and their networks increase safety and wellbeing with Indigenous families.
  5. 5. Involving Naturally Occurring Safety Networks in Child Protection casework search file icon
    • English
    23 November 2020   |  Andrew Turnell Andrew Turnell explains why Signs of Safety seeks always to involve everybody that has natural connections to the children to most effectively build lasting safety and healing.
  6. 6. Signs of Safety - Information for Parents search file icon
    • English
    15 September 2020   |  Northern Territory Government   4 Most Popular Explanation about what Signs of Safety is and what this means for Territory Families' work with children, young people and their parents and carers.
  7. 7. Safety Planning - biggest questions from around the world search file icon
    • English
    13 June 2020   |  Elia Pene and Andrew respond to questions from a panel of child protection workers from around the world
  8. 8. Safety Planning - Finding and Using Networks search file icon
    • English
    8 May 2020   |  Andrew Turnell, Pene Turnell   3 Most Popular Pene and Andrew Turnell respond to questions focusing on finding and using networks as an essential part of the safety planning process.
  9. 9. Learning To Dance With Mother search file icon
    • English
    8 November 2018   |  Linn Van Bruggen, Molndal Childrens Services   4 Most Popular Linn describes how Victoria and Lena worked through the steps of the safety planning roadmap with a mother to enable her 2 boys to return to her care.
  10. 10. It Takes A Village To Raise A Child search file icon
    • English
    6 November 2018   |  Cambodia Childrens Trust, Lyly Tek, Sophorn Ngath   5 Most Popular A case study from Cambodian Children's Trust showing how the Signs of Safety is being integrated into family and community social work in Battambang Province to enable family-based care and prevent children being separated from their family.
  11. 11. Learning Journal search file icon
    • English
    14 March 2017   |  Elia   3 Most Popular The Learning Journal is an invaluable tool for implementing organisations as a way to record their learnings throughout training and the implementation process. Journals are personal and are for each individual.