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  1. 1. Using The Whole Approach In Our Very First Case search file icon 6 November 2018   |  Helena Grenham, Melissa Davidson, Siobhan Nolan, TUSLA   4 Most Popular Believing that the best way to start to apply Signs of Safety was to use the approach with a family of 6 children, Melissa and Helena, supported by their team leader Siobhan describe their work and how they trusted the process to work with Mum and a safety network to create safety so the children could return home.
  2. 2. What is Signs of Safety search file icon 15 May 2017   |  Resolutions   3 Most Popular The Signs of Safety is a constantly evolving approach to child protection casework. Above everything, the approach focuses on practices, tools and methods that make a real difference for professionals and families facing the complex problems of child abuse. In this video, the principal co-creator of the approach, Dr Andrew Turnell, gives a brief overview of the model.
  3. 3. Being Creative With Families and Young People search file icon 4 August 2016   |  Denis Gorgon, Kevin van Bedts   3 Most Popular VZW Sporen always works with the whole family and focuses on every child within the family. The presentation shows good practice in cases from two of their units – De Pas en Traject and MFC Tract. Unit ‘de Pas’ works primarily with adolescent boys who stayed in the closed government institutions because of delinquent behaviour. This presentation is about a case where the workers built a good partnership with the mother, how they involved her network and what it meant to her. Unit ‘MFC Traject’ works with adolescent boys (12–20 years) and show how the workers in a case adjusted the Signs of Safety tools in order to talk with the children about difficult themes in the guidance.
  4. 4. Three Houses: Trash House search file icon 21 August 2015   |  Theo Klooster   3 Most Popular This is an example of the work of Theo Klooster, an investigative child protection worker for Bureau Jeugdzorg Drenthe, who prefers to work with three separate pre-drawn houses. This example involves a 10 year old boy 'Calvin' who was suffering from neglect in the care of his mother. Each house contains Calvin's drawings and his words (written down by Theo) that explain the drawings.