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  1. 1. Understanding the social worker–family relationship through self-determination theory search file icon
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    27 January 2022   |  Dr Freda Browne, Dr Louise Caffrey This study from Trinity College Dublin aimed to deepen and inform the explanation (initial theory) of what key Signs of Safety tools and processes are expected to achieve in the family–worker interaction and why.
  2. 2. The Purpose of Signs of Safety search file icon
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    4 December 2020   |  Elia   4 Most Popular Statement explaining what the Signs of Safety sets out to achieve
  3. 3. Signs of Safety - Information for Parents search file icon
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    15 September 2020   |  Northern Territory Government   4 Most Popular Explanation about what Signs of Safety is and what this means for Territory Families' work with children, young people and their parents and carers.
  4. 4. Implementation Prospectus search file icon
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    21 August 2020   |  Elia   2 Most Popular The Prospectus provides interested organisations with an overview of what to expect in the first phase of a whole system implementation supported by a licensed consultant or Elia
  5. 5. Signs of Safety and Restorative and Systemic Practices search file icon
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    20 November 2018   |  Damian Griffiths, Terry Murphy   5 Most Popular An overview of Signs of Safety, Restorative Practices and Systemic Practice exploring similarities and differences.
  6. 6. What is Signs of Safety search file icon
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    15 May 2017   |  Elia   3 Most Popular This introductory video offers an overview of the Signs of Safety approach to child protection.
  7. 7. Workers talk about Signs of Safety search file icon
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    15 May 2017   |  Elia   3 Most Popular Stories from child protection workers about their experience in using Signs of Safety.
  8. 8. Using Time Wisely search file icon
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    19 December 2016   |  Elia   3 Most Popular This presentation will make you think deeply about our child protection systems and how we go about transforming them.
  9. 9. Constructive Child Protection Practice search file icon
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    18 August 2006   |  Andrew Turnell Drawing on a case example from Gateshead, England, in this paper Andrew Turnell argues that worker and client-defined, good practice in difficult cases is an invaluable and almost entirely disregarded resource for improving child protection services.