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4 results in Signs of Safety Practice Methods.
  1. 1. Emotional Abuse and Domestic Violence search file icon 20 September 2018   |  Pene Turnell   4 Most Popular This is an example of a Danger Statement, Safety Goal and Safety Scale for a family where there were concerns about emotional abuse as a result of domestic violence
  2. 2. Sexual Abuse Pregnant Teenager and Self Harm search file icon 7 December 2016   |  Andrew Turnell   4 Most Popular Danger statement, safety goal and safety scale for Polly - Sexual abuse concerns about a pregnant teenager who is self-harming.
  3. 3. Sharon Injured Infant  search file icon 20 March 2014   |  Andrew Turnell   3 Most Popular This anonymised words and pictures example is a typical words and pictures used in a disputed injured infant case. The example follows Susie Essex’s original short form process incorporating: Title - Who’s Worried - What are they worried about - What happened then - What are we doing about the worries
  4. 4. Three Houses: Trash House search file icon 21 August 2015   |  Theo Klooster   3 Most Popular This is an example of the work of Theo Klooster, an investigative child protection worker for Bureau Jeugdzorg Drenthe, who prefers to work with three separate pre-drawn houses. This example involves a 10 year old boy 'Calvin' who was suffering from neglect in the care of his mother. Each house contains Calvin's drawings and his words (written down by Theo) that explain the drawings.